Neko Flies Ultimate Rods - Telescoping Rod for Cats

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Ready to do some Cat-fishing? Then this the ultimate gadget for you.( Well, mostly on behalf of your cat. You know the drill.)
  • Ergonomically designed 5” foam handle for maximum comfort.
  • Our Extending Rod gives you 3 different lengths to choose from 17" or 25" or 32".
  • Each rod length allows you to change the string length by easily attaching the swivel clip to any of the 4 eye guides.
  • The Ultimate Rod can be used with both neko flies and neko flies birbug toys.Strong and Durable materials, Graphite Rod with Stainless Steel Guide Rings
  • Multipurpose > Attach other kinds of toys to use with your Ultimate Rod. Simply use similar size clip to attach to your toy and clip to eye guides.
  • Award winning product

Attachments sold seperately- You can clip the string toys on any of the eyes for a custom length

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