Our Story

The Cause

On our way to opening the cat cafe, we realize we want to be more than just a single coffee shop. We want to create a brand for people who love cats and want to save animals. Every sale contributes to the ultimate mission of adopting out those without a home, and each month we will donate to a different rescue, shelter, or non-profit.

Pink's Story

One of the first cats living in Seattle Meowtropolitan cat cafe was an older fellow named Pink. He would pull his own hair out constantly from stress. As he spent more time living in the cat cafe, he started to pull his hair out less and seemed to be getting happier - he even learned to high-five humans. 

After nearly a year in the cat lounge, Pink fell in love with a human visitor and eventually he was adopted and taken home where he is living a relaxing life. Meowtropolitan strives to create more stories like Pink's, and to show all cats the love they deserve.

Check out a cute video of Pink's story here.

Meow For Meals

For each sale from Meowtropolitan, we donate a meal to a shelter or rescue to feed cats. We hope to help many cats in need through our Meow for Meals program.

Join our community of cat lovers and help us build our brand. Shop now to support our ultimate mission!